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Clumping / non-Clumping Cat Litter UK

Cat Litter - Tracks-Less LITTER PEARLS is an amazing silica-gel based Cat Litter
Litter Pearls cat litter from
Cat Litter - Ultimate Innovation 15kg sack of cat litter.
Ultimate Innovation cat litter UK from
AK cat litter gives immediate urine absorption and ensures that unpleasant urine smells are locked inside the litter.
AK cat litter from 3xtwinpack
BREEDER CELECT cat litter: A Breeder sized 30l bag of a uniquely formulated pelleted cat litter made from 100% recycled paper.
Celect cat litter UK from
Back 2 Nature small animal litter and bedding - Click Here
Small animal litter
Litter Pearls Wellness - Click Here
Cat Litter Pearls Wellness from
Worlds Best Cat Litter 7.5Kg 17.50, is made from all natural whole kernel corn
Worlds Best cat litter from
Greencat Cat Litter
from 11.95
Natures Calling Cat Litter
Natures Calling Cat Litter


The Orange Cat Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike. The Red Cat Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike. The Blue Cat Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike.
Hello Kitty Cube The Big Cat Fun Cube  for the nig boys and girls of the feline variety. The Cat Fun Tent gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike.

Cat Litter Trays

catit grey hooded cat litter box Nestor Corner hooded cat toilet A clever cat with top opening litter box booda cleanstep cat litter tray translucent cat litter tray

leucillin logo leucillin antiseptic skincare
Click Here

Best Sellers - One button click on image to buy

Ultimate Innovation
15KG Sack

Clevercat Top Entry

Cat Fun Tent

Worlds Best Multicat 2x12.7Kg

Thrive 120g Fish ( each)

The date for last orders for Christmas and New Year is;
Mon, 22nd, December
As we use outside couriers we can never guarantee that your order will reach you before Christmas – even on a “Next Day Delivery” – but we will give it our best shot. On behalf of us all at Crystal Clear Pet Products LTD. may we wish you & yours all of the very best for the festive season. Orders will only be processed on working days over the Christmas holidays.

We sell what we believe to be the best supplies of each type of cat litter in the UK. Quality Breeder Celect paper based pelleted cat litter, Turkish white bentonite AK cat litter, the best silica gel tracks-less in Ultimate Innovation Cat Litter, Nullodor health indicator and Litter Pearls cat litter with Nullodor and Back 2 Nature small animal litters. Last but not least there is the vegetable based Worlds Best cat litter in Clumping Formula and Multi Cat.

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We offer *F R E E courier delivery for orders over 90 to England, Wales and areas around Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and up south of Aberdeen.
There is a further 5% discount applied at checkout for orders of 175 and over on all your supplies, not just cat litter UK.

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Crystal Clear Pet Products has been trading for 10 years as cat litter suppliers and has continues to import exclusive pet products and cat litter into the UK from Asia, Europe and North America. Read our testimonials

We can be contacted on Tel: 01782 520376, Fax 01782 450814 during office hours. .
Business address: 1 Moorland Heights, Biddulph, Stoke on Trent, ST8 6TN.

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Registered in England No.4841794. Registered Office Vernon Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2QY. VAT N0. 886 8621 63

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