Holistic Croquettes: complete and balanced, high percentage of fresh meat, free range antibiotic and hormone free; preserved naturally with rosemary oil and vitamin E.

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Almo Nature Holistic Easily Digestible dry cat food with Tuna

Almo Nature’s Holistic Croquette easily digestible dry cat foods are complete and balanced, contain a high percentage of fresh meat, are free range antibiotic and hormone free and preserved naturally with rosemary oil and vitamin E

Almo Nature Holistic dry cat food with tuna

Easily Digestible Cat Food - Ingredients

meat and meat derivatives (of which 45% beef, 26% fresh meat), cereal, animal fat, vegetable derivatives, yeast, vegetable protein extract, minerals and vitamins.

Easily Digestible Cat Food - Composition

moisture 9%, raw proteins 3.4%, raw fats 14%, raw ash 4%, raw fibre 2%, calcium 1%, phosphorus 0.8%, Ca/P 1.2/1, omega 6 1.5%, magnesium 0.05%, taurine 0.22%, vitamin E 600 mg/kg, vitamin C 300 mg/kg.

Calories Kcal/kg: 3675. Vitamin content guaranteed 18 months.

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