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Introducing probably the prettiest cat litter in the world:
Litter Pearls Wellness Silica Gel Crystals

Introducing wellness cat litter pealrs from Crystal clear pet products cat litter pearls wellness 3.4 litre bag cat litter  wellness box of 8 bags wellness cat litter tray and litter scoop - click to enlarge

It comes in 3.4ltr (3.5lb) bags. +p&p. Single

and 8-pack

2 * 8 packs each

This excellent silica gel crystal cat litter consists of small, half rounded white pearls with some delicately coloured pearl shapes that are very soft on tiny paws (& larger paws as well)!!!

Featuring the exceptional Litter Pearls absorbent technology one bag should last an average sized healthy cat for one month.

Crystal Clear litter pearls are a revolution in the field of cat litter, the onset of a dynamic and totally innovative category marking a radical change in cat care.

Its patented technology locks all odour molecules inside the litter while the moisture evaporates, enabling it to be re-used over again.

Testimonial: The product is excellent by the way, working well in Scoopfree. We have 2 cats and 1 bag of Wellness Pearls litter lasts 10 days.
Mike Volans, Feb 2014

Litter Pearls Wellness is:-

crystal clear cat litter  one cat one month one bag
crystal clear cat litter  inhibits bacterial growth
crystal clear cat litter  all natural
crystal clear cat litter non allergenic
crystal clear cat litter  stop odours

Soft on Paws

able to Stop Odours

Highly Absorbent

Fragrance Free

Low Tracking


Low Dust

Earth Friendly


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