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Ultimate Cat & Kitten Litter

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100% biodegradeable cat litter and absorbs odours instantly

1 Cat - 1 bag - 1 month based on a healthy 8lb cat
Ultimate cat and kitten litter 1.82Kg silica gel Ultimate cat & Kitten Litter

  • The Ultimate Cat & kitten litter is a unique and complete solution to the problem of odours from your pet's litter tray

  • Based on traditional silica cat litter the micronised ultimate crystals will absorb liquids and odours immediately

  • The liquid subsequently evaporates and leaves the odours trapped in the crystals.

  • Unlike traditional silica, Ultimate cat and kitten litter is perfect for kittens as it's soft on their paws.

  • 100% biodegradeable, Ultimate Cat & kitten Litter is completely inert and safe so it can be disposed of via normal household refuse methods or composted to enrich your garden

  • For use with other small domestic pets such as Hamsters, Mice, Rats, gerbils, Ferrets and Guinea Pigs

  • When the liquid first comes into contact with the granules the will appear to clump. This is only temporary and stirring or natural scratching by your pet will disperse the liquid throughout the rest of the granules. The surface of the litter remains dry and thus bacteria free.

                                         The Cat Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike.
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