Sammy Snuggles is a new & innovative way to pamper your pets Sammy Snuggles for pampered pets

Sammy Snuggles is a new & innovative way to pamper your pets.

Animal Lover Samantha Cartwright is the founder and owner of the Sammy Snuggles range of pet beds. She has two gorgeous cats Molly and Coco that both love to relax in sheer comfort on the luxurious beds.

Samantha soon realised that her friends’ pets – both cats & dogs - also enjoyed the comfort and relaxing affect of the super soft fur and began to produce them as a business venture. Sammy Snuggles pet beds was born!

By developing different styles and sizes of pet beds Sam creates a “hug-around” effect, thus helping your pet to remain snug, warm & relaxed – making it easier for them to obtain a restful sleep.

Ideal for large dogs or a family of cats
Size: Width 90cms x 66cms. Depth 19cms
Sammy Snuggles Large snuggle in pink The large snuggle pet bedmimics the medium snuggle in everyway but is more suitable for a much larger animal.

Ideal for cats, kittens, small dogs & puppies.
Size: Width 66cms x 50cms. Depth 16cms
sammy snuggles medium snuggle in brown The medium snuggle is specially designed in sections so the inner stuffing will stay in one place. This will provide an ideal snuggle snoozing place for you pet to retreat to! The outer section acts as a furry pillow for your pet to rest its' head on.

Ideal for small dogs, puppies, cats & kittens.
Size: Width 50cms x 50cms. Depth 16cms
Sammy Snuggles doughnut snuggles The doughnut snuggle pet bed is specially created for the “Hug affect” around your pet. This cosy bed will create a suitable place for your pet to sit back, relax and snooze away.

Suitable for cats, kittens, small dogs & puppies.
Size: Base width – 40cms by 40cms. Height – 45cms
sammy snuggles dome snuggle in pink The dome snuggle pet bed not only gives your pet a luxury snoozing place to rest but also creates an excellent retreat keeping them warm and safe.
Comes in two sizes: Small 80cms x 125cms. Large 125cms x 150cms
sammy snuggles blanket snuggle The Snuggles blanket is an ideal way to give your pet that extra Snuggles comfort. This blanket can be spread around the home or placed on top of a Snuggles bed for added protection for your bed and to keep your pet snug and warm.

How to wash your Sammy Snuggles bed.

The inner pillow is removable. This allows you to just pop the pillow in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash, as and when required. The outside of the bed is also fully washable. Remove the inner pillow and the outer bed can then be folded up and just popped into a washing machine – again, on a 40 degree wash.

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