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IDEAL ULTIMATE Cat Litter 8kg (17.6ltrs)

crystal clear ideal ultimate cat litter
  • IDEAL for electric litter boxes
  • IDEAL for all cats & kittens (over 8 week’s old)

    IDEAL ULTIMATE Cat Litter is the ideal successor to LITTER PEARLS Wellness.

    It consists only of white, half rounded silica gel crystals. This will make it work even better in electrically operated litter trays, while at the same time being an excellent cat litter for both kittens over 8 weeks of age and for cats of all shapes and sizes.
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     BREEDER CELECT Cat litter is a uniquely formulater pelleted litter from 99% recycled paper
    Buy a 5x30L bundle of Breeder Celect recycled pelleted paper cat litter and get FREE delivery.

    Enter promotional code CELECT at checkout.

    September 2018

    Thrive chicken breast 24 x 75g

    Thrive Complete Tinned Cat Food

    Avaialble Now - With added vitamins and minerals to give your cat a complete nutritionally balanced meal. May 2017

    Almo Alternative Chicken Breast 24 x 55g

    Almo Alternative Cat Food Pouches

  • Alternative cat food pouches are a complementary wet food

  • Ingredients originally from Human Food Chain

    April 2017
    Almo HTF 280 Jelly Chicken 12x280g

    Almo Nature 280g HFC Tinned Cat Food

  • Ingredients originally from Human Food Chain
  • 100% HFC: the white meat, red meat, fish, ham, cheese, vegetables, fruit and rice used in these cat food recipes originate from sources suitable for human consumption
  • 280g tin ideal for hungry cats or multiple cat households
  • Prepared with just a few, select natural ingredients
    April 2017

    Almo Nature Cat Litter
    Almo Nature Cat Litter Click Image
    March 2017

    Almo Nature Cat Litter is an all-natural, biodegradable, compostable and flushable cat litter made from vegetable fibres

    The high-performance litter harnesses the power of the starch in the vegetable fibres for super-fast clumping leaving the surrounding litter and tray perfectly clean

    Nov 2016
    The high-quality felt jacketed Cat Nest Igloos are available in eleven different colour combinations. Whether in a stylish combination of trendy, plain or muted earthy colours, all combinations come with cozy interior cushions.

    “Buy with confidence from the Canadian Cat Company’s Official Cat Show Agents”
    Cat Nest Igloo beds click here
    Choose Colour:

    The Cat Igloo is also ideal for large breeds, such as Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cats. This roomy cat cave also provides protection and security to mothers and their kittens where they will be able to sleep peacefully.

    Forever Litter Trays - the greener and more cost effective permanent replacement to Scoopfree® and ScoopMaid® disposable cardboard cartridges, and are a direct fit replacement for all models of machines that accept those cartridges.
    June 2016 - Orders can be placed on with International shipping rates.

    Groomers Goop Degreaser

    Groomers Goop

    Now available in great value Large 28oz tub.

    Click image for information and price

    LEUcillin Antiseptic Skincare is effective enough to work on open wounds while delicate enough to be used around eyes

    The active ingredients in Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare mirror the body’s own healing powers – effectively helping to speed up the natural healing process at the same time as keeping further infection at bay.
    Available in Spray, Mist Spray and Dropper forms

    Buy chunky monster pet bed Chunky monster ped bed RRP 34.99 click image for our special price

    Breeder Celect June 2014 Buy a 3 bag bundle and get free delivery - enter offer code CELECT at checkout

    AND / OR
    Buy any cat litter tray and one trial bag of Breeder Celect cat litter will be added to your basket.

    greencat cat litter
    Click image for greencat
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    GreenCat Cat Litter

    is a 100% natural cat litter that uses a unique patented formula that instantly absorbs odours.

    The corn and wheat kernels clump on contact with urine making cleaning so easy — you can even flush the waste down the toilet!
    Feb 2014

    smartsift cat litter box introduction

    CatIt SMARTSIFT Cat Litter Box

    Catit's smart new litter sifting cat litter box makes scooping by hand a thing of the past. That's because SmartSift does the scooping for you!

    The innovative cat litter box features a simple yet practical Pull-and-Refresh system that makes litter maintenance so much easier than using a scooper.


    If you ever bought the Cat Play Cube you will know the hours of fantastic fun your cat(s) had playing with these toys, jumping on top & rolling around in them (even sleeping in them).
    The Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike. The Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike. The Fun Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike.

    A clever cat with top opening litter box Clevercat cat litter box story 1 Clevercat top opening is NOT just another litterbox - top entry = NO MESS.

    Size: 20"L x 15"W x 15"D, 9" diameter opening, made from Heavy-duty plastic.
    Crystal Clear are sole UK distributors.

    Petzden Canvas Carrier Me to You Fold Flat Canvas Pet Carriers are available in 3 sizes and are a patterned blue in colour. They have top and front entry doors, durable and heavy duty fabric which is removeable and washable, they have rounded corners to protect car & home and are portable & lightweight.

    50210 Catit Stain Remover November News keeps on coming!
    With a special combination of biodegradable ingredients, including natural bacterial cultures and fermentation extracts, Catit BUST-IT Urine Buster is specially formulated to tackle stubborn cat urine stains and odours from all types of surfaces (carpets, upholstery, ceramic, tile, wood floors, etc). It even works on porous or damaged surfaces.

    Worlds Best Clumping Formula 2x12.7Kg Worlds Best Multicat Clumping Formula 2 x 12.7Kg WORLDS BEST CAT LITTER new pack sizes now in stock, available in really good value twinpacks

    RRP Clumping £38.99 Our Price £28.99 (single Green & Black bags)
    RRP Multicat £39.99 Our Price £29.99 (single Green & Black bags)

    50730 Catit play circuit  Cat It Senses Speed Circuit Catit Design Senses products were developed with your cat in mind, designed to appeal to all of your cat's senses. Each Catit Design Senses product can be purchased individually, or be purchased together to create a complete Sensory Activity Centre for your pet. We are stocking the PLAY circuit and SPEED Circuit. The Speed circuit has undulating track for extra movement of the ball. Sets can be combined and we do a discounted combo pack of one of each.

    Petzden Canvas Carrier Petzden Fold Flat Canvas Pet Carriers are available in 4 sizes and are burgundy in colour. They have top and front entry doors, removeable and washable cover, heavy duty zips with snap clip and are portable & lightweight.

    linus carrier white/pink linus carrier white/blue
    New in stock, two more sturdy stylish Linus pet carriers for small dogs and cats.

    Two tone colours white body with either pink base or blue base with matching coloured handles

    translucent cat litter tray Pet Brands Translucent Hooded Cat litter Boxes come in Blue and Green and are made from durable non toxic polypropylene.

    Raised plastic rims around the top to reduce the scattering.

    Nestor Corner hooded cat toilet The Nestor Hooded Cat Litter Box is available in Green, Black and Grey and has a folding open front to make cleaning easier.

    There is also a built in handle for lifting.

    catit grey hooded cat litter box
    This November, joining the popular 'White Tiger is a Two Tone Grey version of the CAT-IT Jumbo cat litter box.

    Cage and Crate Cooling

    New range of cage, carrier and crate coolers, Oct 2012. Click image for more.
    Airforce ccf-1 cage cooler Proselect Deluxe Cage Fan Proselect Cage Fan

    click for more information We are now accepting Barclays Pingit for payment at the shows. You need a smartphone with the Barclays free app and to have pre registered with Barclays.  You do not need to bank with them.

    Smartcat corner cat litter tray Smartcat ultimate cat litter tray
    SMARTCAT sturdy plastic open litter trays added to the range Oct 2012 -click images for more information

    3C Products now available - July 2012
    cat play tunnel Click here.  The Cat Scratching box is a cardboard cat scratcher with a difference ! cats love digging their claws into the cardboard Click here.  The Cat Scratching box is a cardboard cat scratcher with a difference ! cats love digging their claws into the cardboard Click here.  The Cat Scratching box is a cardboard cat scratcher with a difference ! cats love digging their claws into the cardboard Click here.  3C Snooze Bed

    Click for TopLife Goats Milk Powder for Kittens click for Toplifecat chicken dinner TopLife Formula was the brainchild of Roger Sutton, Joint MD of Delamere Dairy - the UK's speciality dairy which supplies a range of goats' milk, butter, cheeses and yogurts across the UK and beyond.

    TopLife Cat 'Chicken Dinner' is a premium quality, high meat content, complete cat food and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and free from cereals and sugar.

    TopLife Formula goats' milk powder for kittens is made from goats' milk with added vitamins and minerals and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is suitable for newborn kittens as a milk replacer as it is nutritionally similar to the mother's milk.

    Aleda heated pet beds and pads, Beds have thermostatic controls and safety cut outs. For cats and small dogs.
    click here 50cm Pet pad clcik here 40cm Pet pad Click here 30cm Pet  pad red paw pet bed click here cream heated pet bed click here

    Click Here for Almo Nature Labels Cat Food

    Almo Nature has launched its LABELS concept in the UK. It is a fresh, innovative and intuitive way at looking how to feed your pet a healthy and balanced diet.

    The new LABELS comes in a 4 colour concept, Green, Rouge, Azul and Orange. This allows the customers to quickly identify the quality of the ingredients used in their cat food and allows them to make an important and informative choice.

    With the new LABELS, Green and Rouge Labels are made from human grade quality ingredients while Azul and Orange Labels are made from premium pet food ingredients.

    Hooded  litter boxes
    Another range of hooded cat litter boxes has arrived.

    These hooded cat litter boxes are made from quality thick strong plastic in bright colours. Click image for more.
    May 2012.


    Buy £10 or more of products and buy a £4.99 DOGS TV Show or CATS TV Show DVD for only £2. One DVD offer per order

    Add TV SHOW DVD to basket and Enter Promotional Code TVDVD in the shopping cart to obtain discount.

    Only One code per order, irrespective of number of number of DVD's bought. Offer only while DVD stocks last. ENDS 31 Dec 2012

    Catit Cardboard Cat Scratchers
    Combining contemporary shapes with stylish patterns, the Catit Style Scratching Boards are a modern twist on conventional scratchers.

    Corrugated scratching surface
    Helps protect furniture from claw damage
    With catnip
    Works either way up
    May 2012

    Petfresh discount pack of kennel/patio cleaner, hutch/cage cleaner and odour eliminator
    We are now stockists of Petfresh Kennel & Patio cleaner, Pet fresh Odour eliminator and Hutch & Cage cleaner. The kennel cleaner is available in 5L concentrate and the others in 500ml sprays.

    Petfresh is an innovative new range of technologically advanced Odour Control and Anti-Bacterial products that really does stop those dog and cat smells

    almo nature tinned puppy food almo nature holistic dog food

    Almo Nature Dog Food

    Crystal Clear pet products have now extended their pet food range for 2011 by stocking Almo Nature Dog food, including, tinned, Jelly pouches, Daily croquettes and Holistic croquettes. Click icons for shopping pages.

    The products are manufactured to a high standard using quality ingredients which are clearly detailed on the packaging. The range is designed to cater for the dietary needs of a wide range from Puppy to Senior and from small to large animals.

    Click Me! cat litter pearls wellness litter tray and litter pearls scoop Introducing probably the prettiest cat litter in the world:
    Litter Pearls Wellness

    This excellent cat litter consists of small, half rounded white pearls with some delicately coloured pearl shapes that are very soft on tiny paws (& larger paws as well)!!!

    Soft Pet Carrier

    Cat crinkle bag - Click Image

    The collapsable pet carrier is ideal for transporting your cat or small dog in comfort. It folds flat for travel and storage..

    Cat Crinkle Bag

    Cat crinkle bag - Click Image

    You know how your cat always like to play with the wrapping not the present? Well this fleece lined bag makes the crinkly sound of wrapping paper / cellophane.

    The pop open Play Cube gives endless fun for cats & kittens alike.POP OPEN PLAY CUBE Approx size 38cm square

    This attractive gold & yellow edged pop open Play Cube is ideal for both cats & kittens alike. It has three dangling yellow ribbons fastened to the roof of the Cube, as well as three holes - allowing your pets to jump in, out & through the cube without fear of becoming, “locked” inside.

    Whether you buy one, or an even further discounted pack of eight of these Pop Open Play Cubes, they will give hours of fun-filled exercise for your cats & kittens.

    Single Pen set

    All our show whites are fully compliant with UK Cat Showing Regulations.

    Plastic show white products are manufactured to the highest standard in the UK.

    These can either be bought as individual items or as a complete pack (at a further discounted price).

    Fresh Flow Pet Water Fountain

    Boxed fresh flow water fountanin

    Fresh Flow pet water fountain encourages pets to drink more water, which reduces the risk of urinary diseases.

    For multiple cat households or dogs

    The mains powered unit is silent, producing free flowing filtered drinking water.

    Suspended Cat Bed £

    Click here for suspended cat bed Suspended cat bed hooks over radiator to give your cat a warm cosy bed
    Breeder Celect Cat Litter back in stock Sept 2010 Consider your carbon pawprint Breeder Celect 30 litre 99% recycled paper pellet cat litter

    Play Cubes are now available in 10 packs for bulk purchasers in single colour green or yellow.

    Offer open to Sunday 11 Sept 2010 while stocks last. Buy any Cabrio or Linus cat & small dog carrier and receive a free fleece blanket. Add carrier to basket and offer applied at checkout.

    Hooded cat toilet Front Opening Hooded cat toilet Corner hooded cat toilet
    July '10 - now stocking range of hooded cat toilets, Large, large Front opening and Large corner. Click icons for more details. Options Cat Toilets promise great value and good design. As well as the best selling standard hooded/swing door design, there is a fantastic front-opening option which means waste can be easily removed each day without having to remove the hood, making it ideal for use with modern litters. There’s also a hooded option in the increasingly popular corner design. In Brown, Blue, Green.

    Small Pet Carrier top opening - dog not supplied
    July '10 - New in stock are the Linus cat and small dog carriers. These are the same size as the Cabrio but door opening only and are on sale for £12.99. Click image for more information.

    July 10 - A variety of play mice are available to entertain and amuse your cat. Prices range from £1.99 to £2.99. Click on icons to buy.
    catnip large mouse mice twin pack - Click Image canvas mice - Click Image cheeky mouse - Click Image grey chirping mouse - Click Image

    catnip spray 118ml We now sell Kookamunga Krazee Kitty 118ml Catnip Spray This super concentrated, 100% natural product releases an aromatic scent that will make even your cat’s old toys take on a new lease of life. This product can also be sprayed onto cat scratchers & bedding to make them irresistible to your cat.

    almoalmo nature jelly cat food pouchesA refreshed selection of almo nature cat foods from the biggest natural pet food company in the marketplace, including the newly stocked Cuisine and Jelly ranges.

    AK cat litter gives immediate urine absorption and ensures that unpleasant urine smells are locked inside the litter.


    Buy any Booda Dome, Booda Cleanstep or Roll Away cat litter box and receive a free 5Kg bag of AK SuperClumping Cat litter. Offer to 30 June 2010 or while promotional stocks last. Buy the litter box and offer added at checkout.

    Sole UK distributors for PETCALM

    Crystal Clear Pet Products have been appointed sole UK distributors for PETCALM by Healthcare International of Bawnmore, Claremorris Co., Mayo, Ireland.

    PetcalmSafe and effective, Petcalm (tm) is a unique blend of nutrients and herbal extracts in a pet friendly spray. It is designed to calm stressed animals whether they are going to a a new home, travelling or on show. Stress free pets perform better and have less aggression and tension, resulting in vastly improved behaviour.Spray nutirnts are incredibly easy to give to pets. They can either be sprayed directly into your pet's mouth or onto their food without losing any of the nutritional benefits. Spray nutrients provide an absorbtion rate many tims in excess of that found in traditional pills. Dogs and cats have relatively short gastrintestinal tracts which results in a rapid rate of passage and therefor a lower digestibilty for food and pills. Spray nutrients deliver the proper amounts of essential vitamins and minerals directly to the blood stream bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. Spray supplementation is now known as the quickest and most effective means available. Spray nutrients contain no fillers or binders. Your pet only receives ingredients with proven nutritional value

    Catrix Cat Scratcher Review

    catrix cat scratcher review in your cat magazine jan 2010 We took delivery of your Activity Set 3 today, and it's brilliant! Our 3 cats love it. We read about your products in the January 2010 edition of Your Cat magazine. John & Mary Whapshott, Jan 2010

    "It is definitely the Rolls Royce of all scratch posts" - Your Cat Magazine

    Swine Flu H1N1

    Safe4 disinfectant, as supplied by Crystal Clear pet products, has been tested by the Scientific Services Unit Veterinary Laboratories agency (VLA).

    The VLA is an executive agency of the department for environment, food and rural affairs (defra).

    Safe4 disinfectant has been found to be effective against H1N1 (swine flu) at a dilution of 1:20

    Click for a copy of the safe4 VLA test certificate (June 2009)

    Cat Play pack

    Buy this 5-piece play pack for £20.00 consisting of Scratchy Mountain, Scratch box wide, Mouse Pom Pom, Door Teaser and cat play cube (colour will vary)

    Cherry and Almond fragrance Odour killer

    We now stock 5L concentrate of the Safe4 Pets Odour Killer in Cherry & Almond fragrance

    Pro Gold Pet Beds

    Crystal Clear pet products are now stockists of the Pro Gold range of Pet Beds. These leather look and suede look pet beds have faux inside and are designed for cats and small dogs. These are part of the high quality Frank’s Pro Gold range of products.They offer terrific value for your money when compared to other makes available in the UK marketplace


    Hammorite antique looking sturdy collapsible dog cage.	 Supplied from Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd.Cat Cage Coloured pink These cages are part of the high quality Frank’s Pro Gold range of products. They offer terrific value for your money when compared to other makes available in the UK marketplace.

    Hammorite antique looking sturdy collapsible dog cage. available in 4 sizes. Coloured cages in 2 sizes for cats and small dogs


    Catrix cat scratcher activity centre and scratch postCatrix cat scratcher activity centre and scratch post Now stocking the latest additions to the catrix cat scratching range, cat tent and cat tunnel accessories, creating even more varieties of scratcher for your cat to enjoy.

    New Product - Catrix Build'n'Create

    This is a new revolutionary flexible scratching post system & activity centre, with separately available accessories to expand your starter set and build the scratching post of your dreams. Catrix is a must for every creative cat-lover; it creates many fun and almost unlimited creative possibilities! The Catrix parts are easy to assemble, without the aid of tools, screws, glue etc - just slide the parts together to build your own unique creation.

    Viking Cat Club announce major show sponsor Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd

    click for viking cat club websiteCrystal Clear Pet Products are proud to be major sponsors of the Viking Cat Club shows in 2007 and 2008.

    We are suppliers of premium clumping and non clumping cat litter, Omega Paw toys and accessories, cat beds, Safe4 disinfectants and wet / dry cat food.

    Roy Lovell, Crystal Clear's M.D. said " I am thoroughly excited by this development and really looking forward to meeting the clubs' members and exhibitors at all the forthcoming shows". The show dates are listed in the events diary sections of the websites.

    The Viking Cat Club is a UK based all - breed club for everyone with a love of cats. We aim to promote a free exchange of information between all owners and breeders, and to encourage healthy and responsible breeding programmes in the UK. The club has a special emphasis on the Norwegian Forest Cat and holds a yearly Norwegian Forest Cat Speciality show, and a Skogkatt of the Year competition.

    The club is a full member of Felis Britannica, the UK FIFe member. We hold FIFe licensed shows, and process FIFe registrations.

    The club holds a number of social events throughout the year including an annual awards dinner and a summer barbeque. There is also a club newsletter which goes out to members three times per year.

    Made from whole kernel corn, all natural Worlds Best Cat Litter is the litter that's best for your cats. Worlds Best Cat Litter is 99% dust-free and contains no clays, silica dust, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents. There is no harmful dust to be inhaled by your cat, making Worlds Best Cat Litter safer for both of you

    WORLDS BEST cat litter - Now in stock

    Made from whole kernel corn, all natural Worlds Best Cat Litter is the litter that's best for your cats. Worlds Best Cat Litter is 99% dust-free and contains no clays, silica dust, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents. There is no harmful dust to be inhaled by your cat, making Worlds Best Cat Litter safer for both of you

    Available in Standard and Extra Strength, both in 7.5Kg and 15Kg sacks

    Click HERE for more
    Applaws is really different, It contains only natural ingredients, It has 75% meat content! It is completely additive free. All our fish are caught in sea water using dolphin friendly methods. Our chickens are fed only organic feed and are entirely hormone free

    APPLAWS tinned cat food to complement the existing dry premium pet foods

    Applaws is really different, It contains only natural ingredients, It has 75% meat content! It is completely additive free. All our fish are caught in sea water using dolphin friendly methods. Our chickens are fed only organic feed and are entirely hormone free

    Click HERE for more
    BREEDER CELECT: A Breeder sized 35 litre / 10Kg bag of a uniquely formulated pelleted cat litter made from 100% recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals and is virtually dust free

    Addition to the cat litter range - BREEDER CELECT

    BREEDER CELECT: A Breeder sized 35 litre / 10Kg bag of a uniquely formulated pelleted cat litter made from 100% recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals and is virtually dust free

    It is cleaner and easier to 'muck-out' than traditional litters, also effective at less depth than clay litters, is better for animal welfare and great for the environment.

    Click HERE for more

    New Product - Nullodor Health Indicator cat litter

    Nullodor cat litter with health indicator.  Take control of your cat's a revolutionary cat litter that detects anomalies in urine. The litter's early detection system informs owners when their cat needs to visit the vets by changing colour from either light/dark yellow to red, green or blue.

    It works by amplifying the microscopic colours present in blood & bilrubin (a liquid secreted by the liver) and can suggest the presence of:

    • Urinary tract & bladder stones/crystals/infection
    • Kidney Crystals
    • Liver disease
    Click HERE to take control of your cats health

    Safe4 Pets

    Click here to buy productsWe are proud to announce our distributorship of the following amazing disinfectant & odour killing products which are safe for both People & Pets.


    Safe 4 disinfectants are;
    • Defra approved
    • Safe at all dilutions – even when wet!
    • The most effective way to eliminate cross infection between you, your pets & your visitors.
    • Almost half the price compared to other quality disinfectants!

    Safe 4 disinfectants have been tested at the Central Veterinary Laboratory, The Public Health Laboratory, The Department of Virology at John Ratcliffe Hospital, along with both Edinbrough & Glasgow University.

    Proved to be effective against;


  • Feline Immunodefieciency Virus (FIV)
  • Feline Corona Virus (FCoV)
  • Feline Panleucopenia
  • FeLV infection
  • Ring Worm
  • Cat Flu
  • Feline Chlamidia Psittaci Infection
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa


  • Parvo-Virus
  • Canine Distemper
  • Kennel Cough
  • Canine Parainfluenza Virus
  • Canine Hepatitis
  • Ring Worm
  • Equine


  • Herpes
  • Ring Worm & Rain Rot
  • Tetanus
  • Influenza
  • Rhinopneumoniis
  • Distemper or Strangles
  • Thrush


    • Newcastle Disease & Paramyxovirus 1 in Pigeons
    • Diseases of Poultry including Avian Flu