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Almo Nature HFC Kitten with Chicken 150g

Almo Nature HFC Kitten with Chicken 150g

SKU: 174

HFC Kitten with Chicken complete

Almo Nature wet cat food is healthy nutrition and great taste in one dish. It is made from high-quality ingredients, free from flavour enhancers or artificial preservatives. The fantastic Almo Nature wet cat food selection means that even the fussiest feline will find something they like. Choose from fish, seafood and chicken, great for a varied diet, and suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Many of the Almo Nature cat foods are labelled “HFC”. This term describes all ingredients fit for human consumption.

Cats belong to an order of strict carnivores that have the teeth of predators and a digestive system suited to absorb and make optimal use of proteins. In nature, a cat’s diet consists of different prey (mice, birds, fish), a prevalent source of protein and fat (in addition to fibre and other nutrients found in the digestive tract of their prey).

Almo Nature’s advice for a balanced diet is to alternate between all types of fish and meat, dry and wet food (split 60/40 respectively) complementary and complete. Wet food is essential for a cat’s daily diet to support hydration and reduce the risk of urinary infections.

100% HFC: the white meat, red meat, fish, ham, cheese, vegetables, fruit and rice used in these recipes originate from sources suitable for human consumption

Natural, no chemical additives, preservatives or artificial colours



Chicken 43,6%, chicken broth 42,6%, cheese 3%, rice 3%, chicken liver 2%, egg powder 2%, sunflower oil 2%, minerals, vitamins.


Calories KCal/kg:
975 kcal/kg
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