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Anju Beaute Vital Force Lotion

Anju Beaute Vital Force Lotion

SKU: 136

Keratin Lotion

Vegetable Keratin - Moisturising Agents - Provitamin B5


Anju Beaute's Vital Force Lotion is a non-rinse lotion which revitalises coats and facilitates disentangling. It is suitable for all breeds, all coats.

This de-tangling non-rinse lotion with keratin is also a beauty product. It improves hair elasticity and enhances the effect of the mask and the shampoo. Enriched with moisturising agents, its light, translucent and pink texture with a fruity flowery scent provides a shiny and bright coat.

Use either alone on a dry coat or after shampoo. Vital Force Lotion facilitates disentangling and brushing.

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