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Anju Beaute Aisance

Anju Beaute Aisance

SKU: 130

Non-Rinse Cleanser

Active Cleansers and Deodorants - Antistatic Silicon Tensio-actives

Aisance is a non-rinse cleanser with deodorising effect. It replaces shampooing and is suitable for all breeds and coat types.

This superb no-rinse cleansing and deodorising lotion is the most effective and easiest way to wash a pet which does not like water or cannot be bathed.

Aisance is specially formulated from a base of ultra-efficient Tensio-active cleansers which respect the structure of the coat, cleaning the coat itself and the skin beneath.

Its co-Tensio-active Silicones have a detangling effect, adding shine, and the Deodorant elements leave behind a pleasant fresh scent. Aisance is also ideal for last minute or urgent cleansing.

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