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Anju Beaute Beauty Care Mask 250g

Anju Beaute Beauty Care Mask 250g

SKU: 106

This Beauty Care Mask is part of your pets after shampoo care and has extracts of Corn Germ, Corn Oil and Vitamin E.

The Corn Germ extracts are protein and nutrient rich and combined with Corn Oil provide restructuring and protective properties which, combined, result in a coat which is balanced, supple and full of life. It is a beauty treatment with visible results from its first application.

It is enriched with Vitamin E which is naturally present in the cells and also has antioxidant properties. The balm provides rich smoothing and nourishing by restoring the hydrolipid film that protects the hairs and helps the hair-scales lie smoothly. It does not weigh the coat down but rather provides hydration, strength and shine and also makes drying and grooming easier.

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