Anju Beaute Bi-Phase

Anju Beaute Bi-Phase

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Detangling Care

Bi-phase Silicone based Emulsion

Bi-phase is Instant detangling anti-static and non-toxic. It works on all types of coat which need detangling.

This instant anti-static detangling spray is based on a Bi-phase Emulsion consisting of volatile cosmetic silicones and water. It is so effective that it delivers an impeccable coat with no pulling of the undercoat.

Bi-phase is non-toxic and non-allergenic, it will not mark the coat and can be used in total safety. The joint action of Silicone and water works at the heart of the hairs, by detangling, smoothing and making brushing and grooming easier while hydrating the coat and adding shine.


Bi-phase can be used on dry or partly damp coats as often as required, preferably before shampooing in order to make grooming easier.

We recommend regular use between baths during brushing in order to eliminate or avoid knots.