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Anju Beaute Cade Premium

Anju Beaute Cade Premium

SKU: 95

Cade Premium is an anti-dandruff and insect repellent shampoo. It is for all breed and coat types.

Cade Premium is an effective shampoo treatment for dandruff and for insect repellent. It is formulated from extra virgin juniper oil and has healing and antiseptic properties and is also a deep cleaning shampoo which removes grease. It also has natural tensio-actives.

It is very good against long standing dandruff. The natural insect repellent effect of Juniper Oil is enhanced by the use of Citronella and Vitamin B6 to eliminate and repel external parasites, eg., fleas, ticks etc.

It is recommended to use Cade Premium regularly for a healthy balanced skin and fortified coat.

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