Anju Beaute Ebene

Anju Beaute Ebene

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This great product helps to enhance and intensify the shine of black coats and it also helps to fight reddening of your pet's black coat. It is suitable for use with black or very dark coated in all breeds.

Deep black coats must be solid and shining and this product is the shampoo to help as it is a beauty care shampoo which is formulated with active principles to enhance and intensify the shine in black or mostly black coats.

The colour enhancement effect is the result of amphoteric tensio-active complexes which help natural pigments penetrate deeply into the hairscales and lock them in while drying. Aloe Vera is rich in organic acids and has anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties. The shampoo also acts as an anti-UVB filter which is essential to protect and fight against red lights in the dark coats.

It has provitamins which add extra shine and hydration. The black colour is cumulative so using Ebene regularly will regain and maintain a shining intense black.