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Anju Beaute Energie Pure

Anju Beaute Energie Pure

SKU: 98

This is a balance, fragrance-free shampoo containing Lotus Flower extract, Ginseng, Wheat Proteins and Provitamins.

It is ideal for pets with sensitive skin or allergies and for outdoor or working dogs although it works on all breeds and coat types.

This is a unique natural shampoo which is ideal for animals with sensitive skins who are prone to allergies as well as dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors and working dogs whose own smell must not be altered.

It is colouring and fragrance free. It is enriched with Provitamins, Wheat Proteins and oligo-elements. All of these ingredients combined with hydrosoluble Lotus Flower extracts and Ginseng produce a deep cleansing shampoo which is both energising and calming.

Energie Pure is suitable for use as often as required and the use of a dryer afterwards is unnecessary as it leaves no residual 'damp dog/cat' scent - a quick towel dry is enough.

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