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Anju Beaute Havane

Anju Beaute Havane

SKU: 94

Havane shampoo is a color shine shampoo which intensifies the shine of fawn, flame, brown, chocolate and tortoiseshell coloured coats and is suitable for all breeds.  The translation on the bottle state that the shampoo enhances and sublimates the brilliance of fawn, fire, brown, chocolate tans.

It has a unique formula which combines the colour enhancing effects of Horse Chestnut and tensio-active amphoteric complexes which help to lock the Horse Chestnut extract deep into the scales of the hairs. Havane shampoo has been specifically developed for its active principles which display, revive and enhance the shine and intensity and helps to warm deep tones of all shades of brown coat.

Horse Chestnut is rish in flaveFALSEids and helps to activate and stimulate blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties. The provitamins in the shampoo add extra shine and hydration.


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