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Anju Beaute Jojoba Spray

Anju Beaute Jojoba Spray

SKU: 133

Nutri-Repair Care

Jojoba Oil - Anti UV B Filter - Vitamins B5, B6 & E

Jojoba Spray is a nourishing, revitalising, nutri-repair. It is suitable for all breeds with dry, broken or dull coats. For dry use.

Anju Beaute Jojoba spray is a renovating, nourishing, revitalising nutri-repair spray to strengthen dry, broken, harsh or dull coats which lack shine. Jojoba spray contains natural hydrosoluble Jojoba Oil extracts, recognised for its nutrient qualities, enriched with Vitamins B5, B6 and E with protective and anti-radical properties.

It also contains an Anti UV B Filter to fight red tones. It’s formulation means that jojoba spray can be absorbed directly by the capillary fibres to maintain or restore natural lipidation, with no 'greasy' effect. It provides hydration, softness and shine and is applied to a dry coat after a bath.


It can be used as a treatment for problem coats, it provides restructuring care, and helps hair regrow. Convalescent, older animals, breeds with very dry coats and those living exclusively indoors in a dry atmosphere will all benefit from these reconstituating and hydrating properties.

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