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Anju Beaute Purifiant Camphre

Anju Beaute Purifiant Camphre

SKU: 100

Purifiant Camphre is a purifying deodorising shampoo which is also antiseptic and anti-pollution. It contains Camphor, Burdock and Provitamins.

Anju Beaute Purifiant Camphre is a deep cleansing shampoo which is created to cleanse, disinfect and purify dirty or smelly coats whether this is due to environmental pollution or other reasons.

Purifiant Camphre is based on natural ingredients - Camphor for its deodorising, antiseptic and purifying properties and inFALSEvative degreasing tensioactives. It enlivens and regulates sebum which the Burdock acts on miFALSEr dermatological problems while caring for the texture and beauty of the coat.

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