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Anju Beaute Spray Texture

Anju Beaute Spray Texture

SKU: 135

Volume Spray

Volumising Tensio-actives - Provitamin B5

Spray Texture is a volumising beauty care. It helps add body to the coat. It is suitable for all breeds and coat types which need added volume. For dry use.

Spray Texture is a volumising beauty care spray, adding the final touch before competition, designed for dogs and cats with clean coats.

It has volumising Tensio-actives and Provitamin B5 add shine and hydration and a unique ability to add volume to long and semi-long coats.

Spray Texture is easy to use at the end of grooming or before show competition for perfect presentation. Spray Texture reinforces the volumising effects of Anju Beatue Texture Shampoo and makes them last longer, so that big coats look better for longer.

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