Anju Beaute Vital Force Shampoo

Anju Beaute Vital Force Shampoo

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Vital Force Shampoo is a Keratin Shampoo which contains Vegetable Keratin, Moisturising Agents and Provitamin B5, it helps to repair and restore the hair whilst providing softness and shine and is suitable for all breeds and coats. It has a fruity flowery scent.

Vital Force is a gentle shampoo with vegetable keratin which deeply nourishes and moisturises the hair - Keratin is a molecule naturally found in the hair and it can be altered either by heat, stress or brushing. In order to completely restore the hair fibre the Keratin shampoo will identify and act on areas where the fibres are damaged.

Both ranks of Keratin will merge in order to nourish and restore the whole fibre while Keratin naturally in the hair will be well reconstructed making the fur brighter and softer.

Vital Force Shampoo is neuter without a conditioner effect.