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Baldecchi Sgrass

Baldecchi Sgrass

Baldecchi  Sgrass  - Cat Degreaser 


Sgrass  is  a powerful cleanser formulated to eliminate the sebum excesses characteristic of some types of show cat breeds. It is mostly used with Persians, Maine Coons and Semi-Longhair breeds as well as with many of the Rex coated breeds. 


It is very effective and is able to optimally cleanse and degrease particularly oily hair and skin and stud tail etc.


A little goes a long way. 


Advice for use

  • Dilute the product with a small part of water (1: 1).
  • Distribute the solution obtained on the dry hair of the cat using a brush to better spread the product all over the body.
  • Massage and rub to make it penetrate deeply, then proceed with washing and the subsequent grooming phases.


Contains  (Reg. 907/2006 / EC)

Anionic surfactants (> 30%), Non-ionic surfactants (<5%), d, Limonene, Citral, Perfume.

It also contains : Glycerine


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