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BAM Catnip filled Toys

BAM Catnip filled Toys

Go on, give your cat CATNIP heaven with the BAM toys filled completely with strong North American Catnip, no fillers just CATNIP - a WOW for your feline friend.  Watch them play, playfight and just relax after playing with this toy.  Different ones to choose from, you may just NEED to buy more than one:

- Chilli Pepper

- Sack

- Carrot

- Cigar

- Banana

- Fish

- Strawberry

- Clown Fish (Goldfish)

- Blue Mouse

- Pink Mouse

As you can see from the first pic, one of our kittens got in on the action with some samples we had at home - hence the banana is missing from the photo! 

PLEASE NOTE : Although shown on some pics the BAM Toys do not come on a card.

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