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Breeder Celect Cat Litter

Breeder Celect Cat Litter

SKU: 55


A 30 litre sack of a uniquely formulated pelleted cat litter is made from 99% environmentally friendly upcycled recycled paper. It has no additives or chemicals and is virtually dust free, therefore cleaner. It tracks less and does not mark floors. It is lightweight and easier to handle.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter is highly absorbent and easier to 'muck-out' than traditional cat litters. It is also effective at less depth than clay cat litter. When choosing Breeder Celect cat litter you will be considering your carbon pawprint.

Orders under 28 bags will be 3-5 day delivery.

Orders for 28, 49 and 98 bags will be delivered direct and carriage free straight from the manufacturers usually within 10 working days. (they will be delivered by a haulier on one or two pallets).

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