Cat Fun Cube

Cat Fun Cube

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This Cat Fun Cube has the following attractions:-

  • a much stronger support system so that the Cat Fun Cube
    stands much less chance of collapsing.
  • better quality, thicker, nylon walls to ensure that it lasts
    considerably longer & is much easier to clean than the old Cat Play Cube.
  • three soft toys (one tantalizingly dangling from each entrance hole) to further enhance the attraction cats have towards it.
  • more stitches per inch to ensure stronger joints than ever before.
  • even when jumped on from above it bounces back into position time after time.
  • three entry/exit holes making it so easy for cats to run in & out.
  • whichever way the Cat Fun Cube lands even kittens & timid cats can climb out with ease.
  • Available in Red .

Words alone simply canFALSEt express the sheer delight your cat(s) will enjoy with our brand new Cat Fun Cube GO ON – GET ONE (or more)!!