Cat Fun Tent

Cat Fun Tent

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Summertime fun for "camping cats".

Larger holes for ease of entry and exit these tents can roll and bounce back into shape when pounced upon.

This Cat Fun TENT has the following attractions:-

  • a strong support system so that the Cat Fun TENT
    stands much less chance of collapsing.
  • high quality, thick nylon walls to ensure that it lasts
    considerably longer & is much easier to clean than the old Cat Play Cube.
  • more stitches per inch to ensure stronger joints.
  • even when jumped on from above it bounces back into position time after time.
  • three entry/exit holes making it so easy for cats to run in & out.
  • whichever way the Cat Fun TENT lands even kittens & timid cats can climb out with ease.
  • approx 48cm x 48cm x 48cm high
  • Available in a deep water blue / forest green

Words alone simply canFALSEt express the sheer delight your cat(s) will enjoy with our brand new Cat Fun TENT GO ON – GET ONE (or more)!!