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CATIT Airsift Jumbo Cat Litter Pan

CATIT Airsift Jumbo Cat Litter Pan

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan provides privacy for your cat while retaining the litter inside the pan. The large hood lifts up and provides easy access for cleaning, while the built-in bag anchor helps keep the litter cleaning bag open and frees a hand for scooping.

The new carbon impregnated filter effectively traps and removes litter box odours. Replacement carbon filters are sold separately.

This litter pan is ideal for large cats and multi-cat households.

Colour: Grey base with white hood and grey clips and hinged top. It has a removable clear door and replaceable carbon filter.

Dimensions (litter tray) : 57cm L x 46cm H x 43cm W (22.4in x 18.3in x 17in).

Dimensions (door opening) : 26.5cm H x 24.5cm W (10.4in x 9.6in).


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