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Catit Stainless Steel Flower Fountain

Catit Stainless Steel Flower Fountain

SKU: 237

A 3L Stainless Steel Flower Fountain - all the benefits to help ensure your cat or small dog drinks eFALSEugh water through the day and night. It has a handy water level indicator so you can see how much has been drunk and it even has a nightlight so your kitty and dog can find their fountain and more importantly you don't trip over it in the dark. Your new water fountain also has three different flow settings for picky drinkers in your family.

It is 7.9"/20cm tall at the back of the fountain and 7"/18cm deep.

Features include:

  • Hygenic and dishwasher safe stainless steel top
  • 3L water reservoir
  • Great water level window with nightlight
  • Three water flow settings
  • Triple Action Filter and Energy Efficient Pump included
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
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