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Jerob Herbal Shampoo Concentrate

Jerob Herbal Shampoo Concentrate

SKU: 184

This Jerob product comes in two sizes: 8oz and 16oz.

Start your maintenance grooming program with this highly concentrated shampoo, or use as a first shampoo for show grooming. Jerob Herbal has a fresh, light "balsam" scent and high cleaning power with low foaming action to rinse cleanly.

Dilution of up to 22 to 1 makes this shampoo a great value.

Our shampoos cost more than many brands charge for theirs, because we kFALSEw we can't provide a high quality shampoo for dogs and cats at bargain basement prices.

We kFALSEw that the secret to many of the cheaper shampoos is H2O. Water is expensive to ship, and we don't think you should pay the freight. So our shampoos are concentrated and, yes, more expensive. But our dilution rates more than make up the difference.

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