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Katzennest Igloo Bed

Katzennest Igloo Bed

SKU: 22

FANTASTIC Igloo Bed which doesn't flatten even when another cat sits on top! It has been tested with Maine Coon bottoms on top.

Comes in 11 great colours to go with any scheme in your house.

It has it's own little fleece pad inside which can be washed.

The with high-quality felt jacketed Cat Igloos are available in numerous color combinations. Whether in a stylish combination of trend colors or plain, in muted earthy colors. All color combinations with a cozy interior cushions. The Cat Igloo is also ideal for large breeds, such as Maine Coon or norwegian Forest Cats. They also donate very much protection and security to cat mothers and their kittens, which will find the peace necessary to sleep in this roomy cat cave. The Cat Igloos are also suitable for cats who like to spend their time cuddling. There is plenty of room to dream of new adventures together. A cutout in the front of the oval shape, forms the entrance to the extraordinary and cozy cave. Inside of the Cat Igloo your cat finds enough space to retreat and relax. The shapely Cat Igloo can be divided by a zipper and space-savingly folded together or can easily be transformed into a bed in the shape of a donut.

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