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Nullodor Health Indicator Cat Litter

Nullodor Health Indicator Cat Litter

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Nullodor Health Indicator Cat Litter Uk

is a revolutionary cat litter that detects abnormalities in urine.
The litter's early detection system informs owners when their cat needs to visit the vets by changing colour from either light/dark yellow to red, green or blue.

It works by amplifying the microscopic colours present in blood & bilrubin (a liquid secreted by the liver)

The Early Detection System (EDS) will detect:

  • Hemoglobin (Blood)(May indicates blood in the urine and may be indicative of urinary tract stones/crystals or infection)
  • Bilirubin (May indicate possible liver disease)
  • pH (Indicates a pH greater than 7 which may be indicative of bladder stones/crystals or infection)


Already having veterinary approval, this product is bound to sell to those who really care about their cats.

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