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Step'n'go Astroturf Paw Mat

Step'n'go Astroturf Paw Mat

SKU: 49

Wouldn't it be great to have pets without worrying about the mess that they might cause?

Well now you can! Our litter box mat is specially designed to help keep your home cleaner!

When placed in front of the cat litter box, STEP 'N GO mats trap kicked litter and also clean your cat's paws. Thousands of soft grasslike blades catch and prevent litter from spreading around the house.

Its unique design also traps food and water preventing it from spilling on the floor.

  • Trap litter and clean a cat's paws
  • Designed for closed and open cat litter boxes
  • Grasslike blades prevent litter, food and water from spreading around the house
  • New, softer blades are specially formulated for cats
  • Great with Silica and Clumping litter
  • Reduces cat feeding messes
  • Easy to clean by shaking or rinsing
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