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Supeerior Paper Cat Litter - 30L

Supeerior Paper Cat Litter - 30L

We now have a completely new, “Supeerior” Paper Cat Litter which we feel not only equals, but surpasses any other paper cat litter either previously, or presently on the market for quality, economy and safety (please see attachment and view below for prices).


“Supeerior” Paper Cat Litter;

  • tracks less around your property.
  • contains less dust/powder
  • is non-toxic
  • has high absorbency
  • has natural odour control
  • soft on both small and large paws
  • safe, even if eaten
  • natural
  • sustainable
  • bio-degradable
  • compostable
  • economical (up to twice the longevity of other well known paper litters)
  • upcycled from over 99% high quality recycled paper (71.8% more weight of paper in each bag when compared to some popular paper cat litters)
  • environmentally friendly


If you simply care for one cat who toilets indoors or you are professionals in the field of breeding, cat rescue multi-cat households and catteries, if any of the above bullet points tick boxes for you, or you wish to ask further questions, then we will be happy to be of service.


PLEASE NOTE:  30 and 60 bag orders will be delivered on a pallet via hauliers.  


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