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almo nature cuisine pouch Daily Menu cat food by Almo Nature is made only of natural by-products and natural ingredients of vegetable origin with no additional vitamins, minerals or other additives

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12 x 70g
Daily Menu with chicken and salmon

Daily with chicken and Beef

Daily with chicken, Oceanic Fish

Daily with Tuna and Chicken

Daily with Tuna and Salmon

Daily Menu Tuna with Swordfish

Daily Menu Tuna with Rice

Daily Mixed box up to 4 varieties

FREE delivery for orders over 90. For Mixed, enter up to 4 varieties totalling TEN in box during checkout.
Feeding tips
Daily Menu should be considered as a complementary food to be added to Holistic Croquettes in order to provide your cat with all the nutrients he requires. Daily Menu may be alternated with other wet foods in the alternated diet regime made up of 60% wet food and 40% dry food as recommended by Almo Nature.

There is no addition of supplementary minerals, vitamins or additives.

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