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Almo HFC 280g Natural Tinned Cat Food

  • Ingredients originally from Human Food Chain
  • 100% HFC: the white meat, red meat, fish, ham, cheese, vegetables, fruit and rice used in these cat food recipes originate from sources suitable for human consumption
  • 280g tin ideal for hungry cats or multiple cat households
  • Prepared with just a few, select natural ingredients
  • simply cooked in broth
  • HFC recipes are ideal to help naturally hydrate cats
  • Rich cooking broth
  • Natural cat food, no chemical additives, preservatives or artificial colours
  • Supplementary cat food
  • Almo HFC Chicken Fillet 12 x 280g

    Almo HFC Chicken Shrimps12 x 280g

    Almo HFC Chicken Salmon 12 x 280g

    Almo HFC Salmon Pumpkin 12 x 280g

    Almo HFC Tuna Chicken 12 x 280g

    Almo HFC Atlantic Tuna 12 x 280g

    Almo HFC  Tuna Corn 12 x 280g

    Almo HTF 280 Jelly Chicken 12x280g

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