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100% HFC fresh meat

is that originally fit for human consumption ie part of the Human Food Chain.

It is the highest quality possible because it is free from scrap parts and it is highly digestible.

Article 10 paragraph a) of European Regulation (EC) 1069/2009: parts of slaughtered animals “(…) which are fit for human consumption in accordance with Community legislation (…)”

Almo hfc meat selection

Why Almo Nature says HFC Fresh meat is important for cats and dogs

Meat – a source of essential amino acids – forms the basis of the daily diet of our dogs and cats. Nutrients from meat , especially proteins , are essential for the growth and maintenance of cell structures for both dogs and cats.

No vegetable protein (derived from corn, potatoes, soybeans or peas, etc.) can guarantee the same essential amino acids, nor replicate the quality and variety of nutrients offered by 100% HFC fresh meat.

To ensure that essential amino acids can be completely absorbed by the animal, the quality of the protein should have the highest biological value possible, like 100% HFC fresh meat.

That’s why it is important that the foods we choose for our dogs and cats are HFC quality: it is always, and only, the quality of ingredients that determine the quality of the nutrients the food provides. For example, chicken feathers are rich in protein… but what of the quality…?

Almo Nature always selects the highest quality ingredients possible, thereby ensuring the quality of nutrients.

This is the HFC standard.