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Azul Label natural wet cat food by Almo Nature contains premium ingredients that suitable only for pet food. All the products in the Azul Label range are made exclusively without additives.

Rouge Label natural wet cat food is a highly tasty supplementary food for cats. It uses the pure human grade ingredients but with added natural vitamins and minerals to give your cat a healthy diet.
Azul Label - click on icon to buy24 x 70g pouches12 x 70g pouches Rouge Label Raw Pack - click on icon to buy24 x 55g
12 x 55g
with Chicken and Beef (70g)

Chicken Fillet and Cheese (55g)

with Chicken and sardines (70g)

Chicken Fillet and Sunmi

with Chicken and Tuna (70g)

Tuna Fillet and Seaweed

with Tuna and Salmon (70g)

Tuna and Sole Fillets (55g)

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Feeding Guide

Almo Nature believes in a balanced diet for your cat and recommends alternating between meat and fish flavours to ensure the appropriate intake of all kind of proteins and nutrients it needs as well as providing with a complete dry food kibble.

Cats up to 4 kg: 110 g wet food + 35 g dry food

The amount of food given should be appropriate to the weight and activity levels of your cat.

Please make sure that your cat always has plenty of fresh drinking water.

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