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Almo Nature's point of view about dog nutrition:

There are several theories on the best diet for dogs: some declare that an all dry dog food diet is preferable, while others deem it essential to add a percentage of wet dog food and croquettes. Almo Nature does not take a definitive stand on this issue, although it acknowledges that wet food is important both for the satisfaction it gives and for its content of noble proteins and micronutrients.

Hence the advice, save for considerations related to special health conditions, to moderately alternate all nutritional sources. And what about purebred animals? Do you think that a Husky and a Greyhound living in Sweden have similar dietary requirements due to climatic conditions that are assuredly more similar than those experienced by a Swedish Husky and a Husky that lives in Tuscany? Whatever the breed of the dog, Almo Nature thinks that its dietary requirements are specifically dictated by age, lifestyle, weight and environment; moreover: the quantity of food should be adjusted to allow the dog to maintain its ideal form; the quality of the foods must, instead, be optimal.

It depends on the recipe, which should guarantee the presence of essential nutritional elements for the health of a carnivore and, especially, on the ingredients used. No food can be really considered as “quality dog food” if its ingredients are not top quality ingredients.

By responding to this dual need, Almo Nature foods are the ideal choice for your dog, regardless of the race. And what about intolerances? The daily diet must neither cause nor worsen food intolerances, and this is ensured by the natural quality of ingredients used and the total absence of chemical preservatives. Almo Nature product lines do not need an additional specific food for intolerances as all their foods already meet requirements! And what about sterilised dogs? Almo Nature dog foods are highly digestible and studied to meet the specific requirements of modern dogs. Therefore they help fight the tendency to gain weight that is common after sterilisation.

Holistic Croquette Dog Food

Holistic Puppy is a complete and balanced food for the growth of puppies and which should also be offered as a food suitable for bitches from pregnancy until breastfeeding is completed, which coincides with weaning. There isthe added advantage of being able to feed both mother and puppies with the same product.
Holistic Medium offers products with red and white meat and fish, able to satisfy special needs such as dogs with weight problems; instead of using a “diet” product, lamb and rice can be used (see specific product characteristics).
Holistic Venison with rice variety does not contain fresh meat as this is not always regularly available for manufacturing purposes.

Holistic Product Strengths

1. Hypoallergenic: the quality of ingredients used excludes or reduces the risk to a minimum of food intolerances and/or allergies. The absence of added chemicals is a further guarantee.
2. Easily digestible: thanks to the high percentage of fresh meat and the use of brown rice as a carbohydrate source that is easily assimilated.
3. Nutraceuticals: natural substances that are recognised for their beneficial properties:
  • • ALFALFA rich in vitamins and mineral salts.
  • • GRAPE SEED EXTRACT AND GREEN TEA EXTRACT very potent antioxidants that slow down aging processes.
  • • MARIGOLD that has a soothing and refreshing action on skin and coat (arguments that further support the hypoallergenic aspects of these products in the case of food intolerances).
4. FOLIC ACID (vitamin B9) B group vitamin that has a preventive action on genetic disorders.
5. List of ingredients that is short, clear and easy to understand