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Almo Nature cat food - always alternate dry food with wet food

Almo Nature - nutrition and pleasure from their point of view
The cat's body, like the human body, consists mainly of water. However cats tend to drink little and do not spontaneously regenerate the body liquid.

Dry food contributes to give a proper nutritional balance, but to ensure your cat maintains its vital equilibrium, dry food must be alternated with wet food.

Almo Nature Nutritional Advice Almo Nature uses the same, simple rules that apply to our diet to that of our feline companions: only by mixing and varying nutritional sources can we ensure a healthy, natural and BALANCED diet.

Almo Nature recommends the following feeding proportions in your cat's diet:
  • - 60% wet foods (Almo Nature range: natural foods) alternating the various protein sources: white meats, fish and red meats.
  • - 40% dry foods (Holistic range: intelligent foods).

    Green, Rouge, Azul and Orange always ensure the Almo Nature quality and are consistent with our nutritional advice

    It is important for the health of the kidneys and urinary system that dry food (of any make) never constitutes more than 50% of the cats daily diet.

    The cereals in our dry food - made completely digestible by the extrusion thermal process - combined with fresh meat, meet the nutritional needs of domestic cats

  • Wet Cat food:

    Almo Nature For Cats

    Each variety contains only moist, natural ingredients and all meat cuts and fish are strictly human grade. There is a wide range of varieties and it is important to mix them so that your cats eat different sources of protein (white and red meats and fish), in the same way as our diet needs to be varied. Our bodies require the correct amounts of protein, omega 3, fats, etc. that we get by varying our diet every day. Each food has a specific nutritional profile: tuna is richer in fatty acids, cheese an excellent source of calcium, while beef is important because it provides an important iron source. .


    Dry cat food

    Almo Nature Holistic Croquettes.

    Almo Nature Croquettes are also “Holistic”. This means that they contain organic ingredients, with a high percentage of fresh meat and no chemical additives or by-products. Cats find them extremely appetising and easy to digest because they are made using only premium quality, natural and organic ingredients.

    In addition, dry food is important because mastication reduces the build-up of dental plaque, meaning healthier teeth.

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