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Applaws Cat Food Chicken and Cheese 70% Chicken, 5% Cheese, 1% Rice, 24% Cooking Water Chicken Breast & Cheese 48x156g Applaws Chicken natural cat food 75% Chicken, 1% Rice, 24% Cooking Water Chicken Breast 48x156g
Applaws Chicken and pumpkin cat food Chicken & Pumpkin 48x156g Applaws cat food - Tuna Tuna 48x156g
Applaws Tuna and Cheese natural cat food Tuna & Cheese 48x156g Applaws Tuna and Prawn cat food Tuna/Prawn 48x156g
Applaws Chicken and Cheese cat food Tuna and seaweed 48x156g Applaws Oceanfish cat food Oceanfish 48x156g
Applaws Chicken selection cat food Kitten Chicken Breast 24x70g

Orders of 3+ boxes of 48x156g applaws cat food qualify for free shipping by courier (Eng, Wales, S.Scotland), order of 4+ boxes also qualify for 5% discount for orders over 175

Mixed Box of 48 x156g tins, select your own personal mix (MAXIMUM of FOUR different varieties per box) from the above varieties. Choose Mixed box on drop down and Phone, email or enter varieties/quantitites during checkout

Applaws Cat Food

is really different. It is a natural cat food having 75% meat content! It is completely additive free. All our fish are caught in sea water using dolphin friendly methods. Our chickens are fed only organic feed and are entirely hormone free.

The recipes have been created for cats to enjoy and to build their health.

We hope your cats love Applaws natural cat food as much as ours do.

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