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We supply 6 groups of pet bed, Antibacterial, Antistain, Linen, Metal Framed, ProGold and Sammy Snuggles

Berlin top of the range anti bacterial pet beds, Let sleeping dogs lie on them!

These beds are an innovation in the concept of animal comfort.

They are treated with a new anti-bacterial, anti fungal and deodorant process involving silver in its ionic form.

Silver is considered to be a universal antibiotic substance.

Its' effectiveness has been demonstrated in over 600 bacterial. viral and fungal infections.

Select from the BERLIN range.

Anti stain

The threads from which these beds are crafted have been treated with a special compound.

This encases each thread with a protective coating, making it particularly resistant to stains from urine, coffee, tea etc. (Not that cats drink much tea and coffee!)

The protection will remain active for between 50 -70 washes at 30C.

Make your choice from AMSTERDAM, MODENA or YING_YANG

Crystal Clear Pet Bed Collection, berlin, amsterdam, africa, modena, el hambra, ying yang and dream

Metal frame

Innovative fabric and metal designs combine to produce elegant sleeping accommodation with added benefits for your pet.

The air circulation all round the bed enables a more rapid evaporation of moisture from the fabric. This in turn allows your pet to sleep in greater hygenic comfort.

Select DREAM.

round pet bed

These beds are made from a mixture of untreated linen and cotton. Untreated linen has intrinsic characteristics that reduce the incidence of skin allergies

It also has a very natural and pleasant feel that will enable your pet to sleep in complete comfort

The cream coloured sections have the linen fibres distributed around the exterior of each thread with the cotton fibres in the centre

This innovative design, with its warm fashionable colours gives not only a touch of elegance in the ambiance of your home but is also an exceptionally "healthy" bed for your pet

sitting on the fence, trying to decide which crystal clear pet bed to buy!

Select from AFRICA and EL HAMBRA ranges.

Sammy Snuggles
Sammy Snuggles ProGold
PROGold Pet Beds
Leather and Suede look with faux inside designed for cats and small dogs
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