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IMAC Carry 60 Cat and Dog Carriers

Available in 3 modern colours; green, brown and blue, this Italian stylish design pet carrier is manufactured in strong durable plastic and also has a hinged door

carry60 pet carrier brown carry60 pet carrier green carry60 pet carrier blue

Green  £ + P&P

Blue  £ + P&P

Brown  £ + P&P

carry60 bottom showing catch carry60 catch

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  • 5 strong snap-shut catches allow top to be completely removed

  • Hinged door left or right

  • Door can be removed

  • Handle folds flat into casing

  • Vented for good air flow

  • Size 60cm deep, 40cm wide, 40cm high

  • Pet blankets separately available

  • Carry60 pet carrier selection Carry60 pet carrier front