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Cat Litter UK: A varied selection of some of the superior clumping and non-clumping cat litters on the UK cat litter market today. Worlds Best Cat Litter 6.3Kg for as low as £

Non - Clumping UK Cat Litter

Cat Litter Crystals

Ultimate Innovation cat litter UK

Tracks-Less Silica Gel

Ultimate Innovation Silica Gel cat litter

Ultimate Innovation UK cat litter supplies

Tracks-Less Silica Gel

Litter Pearls Silica Gel Tracks-less cat litter

Cat Litter - tracks less silica gel cat litter pearls

Tracks-Less Silica Gel

IDEAL Ultimate
cat litter

crystal clear ideal ultimate cat litter  

Tracks-Less Silica Gel

Cat Litter Kit

Click me - disposable litter tray

Ultimate Innovation cat litter

Nullodor Health Indicator cat litter

Cat Litter - Nullodor Health indicator is a revolutionary cat litter that detects anomalies in urine.

Early Detection System

Breeder Celect
Cat Litter

Breeder Celect cat litter made from 99% recycleable paper

min order 2 bags

For Breeder Celect Bundle offer of free shipping enter code CELECT at checkout

Natures Calling

Click here - Natures Calling Cat litter

£+ p&p


Clumping Cat Litter UK

Cat Litter

Greencat cat litter 20l Greencat cat litter 6x20l

Corn & Wheat Kernels

Worlds Best Clumping Formula Cat Litter

Worlds Best UK Cat Litter 6.3Kg for as low as  £17.20 Worlds Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula 12.7Kg

Whole kernel corn

Worlds Best MultiCat
Cat Litter

Worlds Best UK Cat Litter 6.3Kg Worlds Best Cat Litter Multicat 12.7

Whole kernel corn & plant extract

AK Clumping
cat litter

Click here - AK Cat Litter Super Clumping

£+ p&p

Twinpack Bentonite
Clumping Litter

Almo Cat Litter

Almo Nature Cat Litter
Click Image

Price £ + p&p

Cat Litter Trays from booda, imac, options and roll away Cat accessories uk including imac carriers Disinfectants from Safe4 Pets and Anti Icky Poo
catit smartsift cat litter box Cat-it Jumbo white tiger cat litter pan Clevercat Top Opening cat litter tray Nestor hooded cat litter box  IMAC corner cat litter box blue Hooded Cat Litter Box Smartcat corner cat litter tray Smartcat ultimate cat litter tray

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Litter Pearls Wellness cat litter consists of small, half rounded white pearls with some delicately coloured pearl shapes that are very soft on tiny paws

AK Super Clumping Cat Litter has immediate urine absorption which ensures that unpleasant urine smells are locked inside the cat litter.

Ultimate Innovation Cat Litter is a 15kg sack of "Tracks-Less" silica-gel cat litter especially for multi-cat owners, breeders, catteries and various cat rescue groups.

"Tracks-Less" LITTER PEARLS cat litter has patented technology locks all odour molecules inside the LITTER PEARLS while the moisture evaporates, enabling the cat litter to be re-used over and over again.

Ultimate cat and kitten litter is perfect for kittens as it's soft on their paws.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter is highly absorbent, has natural odour control, reduces tracking and is environmentally friendly with no additatives or chemicals.  Consider your carbon pawprint.

Nullodor cat litter is made from silica gel but is much finer version, ranging in size between salt and sugar

Cat owners demand superior odour control from their cat litter suppliers and Worlds Best Cat Litter meets this demand, because it is made from whole-kernel corn. Corn's unique microporous structure provides a large surface area to effectively trap and absorb ammonia and urine odours, which are quickly and naturally eliminated with no need for masking agents.

Green Cat a 100% natural cat litter that uses a unique patented formula that instantly absorbs odours. The corn and wheat kernels clump on contact with urine making cleaning so easy you can even flush the waste down the toilet!