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CATIT Ornamental Vase Style Cat Scratcher

Catit Style Ornamental Cat Scratcher, Vase - Supplied from Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd.
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Catit Style Ornamental Cat Scratchers combine unique design symmetry with functionality and aesthetics for a contemporary approach.

  • - Special low-shred corn-husk and sisal rope blend
  • - Satisfies cats' natural scratching instinct
  • - Modern design; suitable for any décor
  • - Decorative; add artificial plants for enhanced visual appeal
  • - Spray with catnip for extra enticement
  • - Note: The scratcher is very stable and will not tip over during normal use.
  • -If additional stability is required, the hollow center allows you to place extra weight inside the scratcher (small pebbles, sandbags, etc).

Catit Style Ornamental Cat Scratcher, Model: Vase. Base width: approx 36cm (14"), scratcher height (from base to top): approx 36cm (13 1/2"). Warm gray base and top, low-shred corn husk and sisal rope blend.