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AK cat litter UK - Compact; Orange Printed -10Kgs. Granules are fine grained and will last longer

AK cat litter is all natural, composed of NATURAL White Bentonite

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AK Super Clumping Cat Litter 10Kg bag is composed of granules of natural white bentonite which is only found in Turkey.

Brand: AK | Condition: New | Code: 31001 | Category: Cat Litter UK

AK Super clumping cat litter UK 10KG Bag.

    Immediate urine absorption from AK Cat Litter ensures that unpleasant urine smells are locked inside the litter. An added bonus is that the litter gives off a very pleasant, “Baby Powder” scent on contact with liquid waste

    Unlike cellulose types of cat litter, AK SuperClumping Cat Litter UK helps to prevent the reproduction of bacteria (& unwanted odours). The hard, fast clumping action will also keep down the chance of tracking of faeces outside the litter tray.

    AK Super clumping cat litter. A 1 x 10kg bag should last an average size, healthy cat for a whole month. Terrific absorption levels of liquid give tight, hard clumps of waste. This means that only small amounts of AK cat litter are thrown away at any time. The remaining granules stay fresh, clean & cat odour free, ensuring that you do not have to throw away the remaining litter. Only a minimal amount of “topping up” is required. The litter’s “whiteness” will allow even the smallest amounts of faeces to be detected & extracted from the cat litter tray.

    AK SuperClumping Cat Litter is non-toxic & non-allergenic as it is formulated from 100% naturally occurring bentonite.

    For bentonite based litters AK Super Clumping Cat Litter UK is virtually dust free (over 99%) owing to the highly specialised Turkish production facility.

    AK Super clumping small long lasting granules. Many other bentonite based cat litters can vary in quality from bag to bag. Each bag of AK Super Clumping Cat Litter is guaranteed to be the same high quality as the previous one, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of the contents of their cat’s litter tray.

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