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Clevercat top entry cat litterbox is NOT just another enclosed cat litter tray - top entry = NO MESS.

  • Enclosed cat litter tray
  • Size: 20"L x 15"W x 15"D
  • 9" diameter opening

  • Heavy-duty plastic

  • Cats can dig to their hearts content - litter stays contained

  • Built-in tracking mat is flat removable lid
  • Includes 1 Clevercat Custom Heavy Duty Jumbo Liner
  • Clevercat® Liners allow for quick and sanitary litterbox changes.
  • One Colour and Size only

  • £ + p&p ,

    Clevercat large top entry cat litter box is

    Brand: Clevercat | Condition: New | Code: 770002 | Category: Cat Litter Boxes

    Testimonial 22/02/2013 : We have been using the 'Clevercat' (top entrance litter box) for around a month now. We use it with a clumping litter. We have found that we have much less tracking and dust around the house and our cats have used it from day 1. The larger cats look quite funny with their heads sticking out the top of the tray - they look like 'up periscope' on a submarine! In all, it seems a much cleaner way of keeping multi litter trays in our house and has certainly reduced the amount of litter we are using (and previously wasting). It has also vastly reduced the amount of sweeping and clearing up around the trays and the general dust produced in our house. We are most impressed with it and will require more at the next show. Our kitten people also like it very much.
    Connie & Stuart Henderson, Zawadi Bengals

    Clevercat® advantages for both you & your cat

    • Virtually DOG PROOF from most Dogs!
    • Virtually TODDLER & BABY PROOF!
    • Litter tracking nearly eliminated
    • Great for homes with both cats & dogs
    • No over-the-edge mess
    • Cats adapt quickly and easily
    • Odours reduced
    • Cats LOVE the privacy
    • Use any type of litter
    • For kittens to large cats
    • Neutral light gray colour
    • 1 litterbox per 1 or 2 cats' use
    • Inconspicuous appearance
    • Scooping is quick and convenient with lid removed.
    • Enclosed Cat Litter Tray

    How Clevercat® Top Entry Cat Litter boxes work

    • Cat hops onto top of the top entry litterbox and steps down inside through opening.
    • Cat takes care of business and exits through same opening.
    • When exiting across built-in tracking mat, litter is removed from cat's paws.
    • Clevercat® Litterbox adjustment is quick and easy as follows:

    1. Install Clevercat® liner and add 2" to 3" of any type litter.
    2. Put cat inside of uncovered litterbox to familiarize cat.
    3. Use without lid until cat has eliminated several times.
    4. Begin to use lid.

    Clevercat logo Litter box Clevercat Litterbox liners Clevercat Custom Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners
  • Size 18" x 12" x 23" x 1.24mm
  • 10 sheets
  • Replace litter and liner every 5-7 days

  • £ + p&p

    Testimonial 11/3/2013: "I have searched the web sites for a top entry litter box for my new 6 month old kittens ...... I have two dogs and with our previous cat they considered the litter tray to be a "cookie jar" !! I found CRYSTALCLEARPET on my search saw the great price ...a U.K. base and quickly placed my order. I received my delivery, unpacked and within a few hours the cats were using it AND the dogs can't get in to the box solved that one ! I am so pleased with my "CLEVERCAT" litter box that I have just been on the phone to order a second box, and ask advice about the huge range of litter Crystalclearpet also offer. I can Highly recommend this web site ... they are efficient and knowledgeable about their goods. Thank you for all the advice ..... And I look forward to another delivery from you soon !!"
    Nickey Redmond.

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