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Testimonial: Hi everyone at crystal clear pets, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service and your product (roll away self cleaning litter box).

It does exactly what it says on the box. As both of our cats are indoor cats we had almost despaired of finding a system which we could live with without the need to peg our noses and yours fits the bill brilliantly.

The price is excellent too. To say that I'm a satisfied customer is an understatement. I think you get the picture.
Many many thanks,
Pat Sherwood.
ps. They love their play cubes too.

I bought the large size cat litter box from you yesterday. Just thought I'd tell you I'm amazed and should have bought one months ago! Best thing I've ever used and just as easy as you said and the cats love it and can sit upright in it so avoid any misses. perfect thank you :o)


We proudly present the multiple
Award Winning

"Omega Paw Roll Away Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box".

Roll away Green/Taupe (Regular) :
Omega Paw roll away self cleaning cat litter box.  The unique patented grill inside the Roll'n Clean (TM) scoops out the clumped waste,depositing it into the pull out tray. Just roll the litter box onto it's top and roll back to the upright position. Remove the tray and dispose of the waste. For fast and easy cleaning use the Roll'n Clean
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Regular size available. Ideal for use with all clumping cat litters & also with Litter Pearls, Ultimate Innovation Cat Litters and Nullodor small pet litter

Regular Roll away 17" x 20" x 16.5" £

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