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Introducing litter pearls cat litter from Crystal clear pet products Ltd. crystal clear cat litter - first for odour control
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Litter Pearls Cat Litter

Silica Gel Cat Litter Crystals


Tracks-Less LITTER PEARLS cat litter is an amazing silica-gel based cat litter which eliminates cat litter odours and becomes dry to the touch in seconds.

crystal clear cat litter  one cat one month one bag crystal clear cat litter  inhibits bacterial growth crystal clear cat litter all natural crystal clear cat litter  non allergenic

"Tracks-Less" LITTER PEARLS cat litter is available in the following sizes :
1.81 Kg -

3.6 Kg. - £

9.07 Kg. - £

8 off 1.81 Kg bags £

4 off 3.6 Kg bags - £

all + p&p

Crystal Clear Litter Pearls cat litter is a revolution in the field of cat litter, the onset of a dynamic and totally innovative category marking a radical change in cat care.

Its patented technology locks all odour molecules inside the LITTER PEARLS while the moisture evaporates, enabling the silica gel cat litter crystals to be re-used over and over again.

crystal clear cat litter stop odours

This "Tracks-Less" cat litter is an amazing crystal silica-gel based litter which eliminates cat litter odours and becomes dry to the touch in seconds.


crystal clear cat litter pearls, the cat litter that actually works Purchase of LitterPearls Cat Litter -...we find it is excellent and outperforms any other we have used. W.R.P of Yorkshire by email

re Great product: ...No smell,, no muddy mess and most of all no footprints!... Mike R. by email

...I would like to congratulate you on such a good product, it's fantastic. Mrs KF van D.G of Dorset

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