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Options Hooded Cat litter boxes

Hooded cat toilet Front Opening Hooded cat toilet Corner hooded cat toilet integrated litter scoop

Options Cat Toilets promise great value and good design. As well as the best selling standard hooded/swing door design, there is a fantastic front-opening option which means waste can be easily removed each day without having to remove the hood, making it ideal for use with modern litters. There’s also a hooded option in the increasingly popular corner design.

There are three designs stocked in this heavyweight, easy to clean plastics range:

  • Large Hooded Toilet 41cm tall x 40cm wide x 52cm deep at £ in Brown (), Green (),or Blue ()

  • Large Front Opening Hooded Toilet 41cm tall x 40cm wide x 52cm deep at £ in Brown (), Green (),or Blue ()

  • Large Corner Hooded Toilet 56cm wide front x 40cm tall x 42cm deep at middle £ in Brown (), Green (),or Blue ()

    They all feature rounded deep tray design for easier cleaning and all hooded trays come with carbon filter and integrated litter scoops. They’re available in popular brown, blue or green bases,  with contrasting speckled white colourways

    Also choose colour -->

  • Approx max sizes

    Twin packs of replacement carbon filters are also available at £1.99 each (RRP).

    Standard Courier Delivery charge from £5.95. Orders over £90 free delivery. Orders over £175 further 5% discount.
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