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Fresh Flow Pet Water Fountain

Boxed fresh flow water fountanin Fresh Flow pet water fountain flow water fountain charcoal refill pack

Fresh Flow pet water fountain encourages pets to drink more water, which reduces the risk of urinary diseases.

For multiple cat households or dogs

The mains powered unit is silent, producing free flowing filtered drinking water.

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Other Benefits

  • Latest unit now even simpler to assemble
  • Prevents bad taste and odours by filtering out impurities
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Aerates water while cooling it naturally

  • Features

  • 50 0z / 1.5l capacity
  • Reservoir adds water automatically
  • Includes a replaceable charcoal filter
  • 1 filter = 30 day supply when used by 1 animal
  • Filter removes food, dirt and other debris
  • UK 240v plug included
  • For indoor use only
  • Colour: Bleached linen
  • Size 10.9" x 7.6" x 5"

  • Introducing your pet to the Pet Water Fountain

    Each animal's response to the Pet Water Fountain will be different depending on age, temperament and breed. Some will be nervous because of the water and the low hum of the pump. We recommend placing the unit unplugged next to the pet's normal water bowl with water in it for at least a week. Then plug in the Pet Fountain. If the pet hesitates to approach the unit, place bits of food or their favourite treats on the rim. This will encourage your pet to approach and drink. As they become used to the Pet Water Fountain, remove the normal water bowl, leaving only the Pet Water Fountain to drink from.

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