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Jerob One Step Grease Removing Shampoo

jerob one step shampoo

Jerob has the answer for your little grease-monster. Jerob's One Step Grease Removing Shampoo is great for that sticky, greasy coat. Take out gunk the SAFE, EFFECTIVE WAY.

None of the harsh chemicals that are found in "People Products" that are made to clean hands, not your baby's tender skin. Before you drag out the dish detergent, give your kitty or puppy a break with a safe, convenient One Step bath instead.

They could reward you by developing winning ways in the ring.

Apply sparingly without diluting to a dry coat. Work in and let stand 2 to 3 minutes. Slowly add small amounts of water and work up a rich lather. Then rinse very thoroughly. A second application may be needed. Non-toxic, non-drying. Follow with your favorite Jerob shampoo.

16oz / 473ml + P&P