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Jerob Creme Rinse & Sprays

The special optical brighteners in this rich black shampoo are recommended for all dark colored long and short haired breeds
jerob everyday grooming sprayEveryday Grooming Spray

Named for how it’s used JEROB EVERYDAY GROOMING SPRAY can be used during normal daily combing and grooming of any coat.

Spray above the animal allowing a fine mist to rain down on the coat and comb as normal. A hint of conditioning keeps coats from drying and eliminates static.

This daily use formula will not build up on coats, even when used many times a day, seven days a week. When bathing, spray on coat before drying and after to finish the look. Light herbal fragrance keeps coat fresh between baths. Safe to use on all kittens/puppies, cats and dogs of all coat types. Do not use on or around face and eyes.

To use hold bottle 4-6 inches away from the animal leaving a fine misting on the coat. For long coats use a comb and comb as normal, short coats use a brush or hand to rub through coat. Do not spray on face or near eyes.

4oz + P&P

jerob creme rinseCreme Rinse

Creme rinse serves an extra purpose that many overlook. In addition to making difficult coats manageable, JEROB Creme Rinse removes all traces of shampoo.

It reduces drying and promotes mat removal and eliminates static while it conditions. Use before Texturizing Shampoo if softening is not desired.

Jerob Creme Rinse is a luxurious rinse that will make even the most difficult coat manageable. Removes all traces of shampoo, reduces drying, promotes mat removal and eliminates static while conditioning.

May be used with Texturizing Shampoo without excessive softening. So rich and thick you may have trouble getting it out of the bottle! New light fragrance.

Dilution of 16 to 1 in soft water; normal water dilute 8 to 1; very hard water dilute 4 to 1.

8oz / 16oz

jerob texturiser spray
Texturiser Spray

Developed for last minute grooming at shows. More on Texturiser Spray

4oz / 8oz

Jerob Anti-Stat Conditioner and DetanglerJerob Anti-Stat Conditioner and Detangler

Helps to remove static and small mats

For show grooming, apply very lightly by spraying on a comb or the palm of your hand.

Please use sparingly to avoid unwanted buildup during the show, as a little goes a long way

8oz / 4oz

jerob bay rum coat polish
Bay Rum Coat Polish

This premium quality bay rum evaporates quickly without leaving a gummy residue and has a lighter fragrance than drugstore varieties.

It's crystal-clear, so it won't "yellow" a white or light coat. Packaged in smaller sizes with a fine mist sprayer, ready to use

Adds an icy-white sheen or glossy black polish to the coat.

4oz + P&P